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Impounds & Accidents

Police Impounds
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To pick up your police impounded vehicle you must meet the following requirements:


* Proof of Ownership consists of a title or registration in your name. Impounded vehicles are released to the registered owner only. A government issued photo ID is required. If you are not the registered owner, you must obtain a notarized letter from the registered owner authorizing you to pick up their vehicle (full vehicle description required). This letter must be stamped, signed & dated by the notary as well as signed & dated by the registered owner. A fee of $1.00 per page will be charged for received faxes.


* Proof of Current Insurance consists of an insurance card listing the impounded vehicle by year, make, model and v.i.n. #. It must also have your insurance policy number and current effective & expiration dates. If you have current insurance and do not have an insurance card, you may call your insurance agent and have them fax a copy of your insurance card to 952.888.4944. A fee of $1.00 per page will be charged for received faxes.


* Valid Driver's License your driver's license will be verified with the local police department to insure you are valid to drive the vehicle.



We Accept Cash, Visa or Mastercard for Payment

Accident Tows
May 2003 car sandwiched between two semi

We, at Chief's Towing, know how frustrating it is to have had an accident. We understand the process and are here to help.  Our kind and knowledgeable staff deal with accidents on a daily basis.  Here are some suggestions on how to get through this as quickly as possible:


-  Call your insurance agent and report your claim. Your insurance company will then come out within the next few days to our location to assess the damage to your vehicle.  They will do a full report (including pictures).  It is not necessary for you to take pictures for them.


- Your insurance company will want to have your vehicle moved from our lot as soon as possible.  Storage charges on your vehicle accrue on a daily basis.  Moving your vehicle keeps their costs down, however, we must first have your authorization. Please call us at 952.888.2201 and state that you are calling to authorize the release of your vehicle. It's quick & easy and all over the phone.


- Registered owners can remove property  from their vehicle, however they will need to provide us with proof of FULL COVERAGE INSURANCE and a government issued picture ID.  Without proof of full coverage insurance, all charges are the vehicle owner's responsibility and must be paid in full at the time of your visit, regardless of who is at fault in the accident.


- Not insured? Do not wait to come in and take care of your bill.  CHARGES ACCRUE DAILY!! The sooner you come in, the less you pay.  Chief's Towing may reduce storage fees for customers who turn over their vehicle with a clear title (no liens), in a timely manner.  This does not mean we will take your title in exchange for the bill. You will be responsible for some portion of the bill.  Once settled, you can retrieve your property and most importantly, avoid costly court fees.

..... questions about impounds

A Littile Q & A:


Q: I am not listed as owner on the title of this vehicle. The owner of this vehicle is my (insert relation here) and is unable to pick up the vehicle because they are (insert reason here) may I pick it up for them?


A :  All impounds are released to the registered owner ONLY. If you are acting on their behalf you must have a notarized letter from the owner authorizing you to do so, OR you must have obtained power of attorney prior to impound.


Q: The Police dept. has a hold on my vehicle, may I get my property out?


A: No.  Once a vehicle is on "hold", the contents of the vehicle are on hold as well.



Q: I do not have a valid driver's license, can I still drive my vehicle out of the impound lot?


A: Please bring TWO valid licensed drivers along with you to retrieve your car.  One to drive the three of you here, and one to drive you and the impounded vehicle off the lot. Unless you have received a 7 day temporary permit to drive after a dwi. If so, you will be able to drive on a valid permit.  *WARNING* All licenses are verified through the dmv.



Q: The Police dept. has taken my license plates. What do I need to drive my vehicle out?


A: You should have been issued a temporary permit that will be taped in the back window of your car. This permit DOES expire and you will need to get a replacement license from the D.M.V.



Q: Can I get a discount because .....


A:  All impound rates are contracted and we do not deviate from them. 

Private Property Impounds

Private Property Impounds:


Vehicles towed by authorization of the owner or agent of the owner of a private property is referred to as a private property impound. This may include businesses, apartment complexes, shopping centers, etc.


All reputable towing companies notify the local authorities once a vehicle has been towed as a private property within their city limits  If the police department of the city your vehicle was parked in does not show your vehicle has been towed off of private property, you may want to consider reporting it stolen.


Towing companies must have authorization from the property agent or owner to impound your vehicle. 


If you believe you were wrongfully towed, that is a civil dispute between you and the property agent. 




Private property vehicles are released during business hours and are payable by cash only.

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